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A Brief Word About What a Local SEO Expert Can Do for You

Don't risk your online visibility and reputation by trying spammy DIY SEO tricks.  Let me help you get quick, effective, last results.

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Meet Your Strategist

Hi, my name is Matt.  I've been working in the Internet Marketing space for close to 15 years.  As a small business owner myself, I have a heart for those in a similar position as me, trying to wear every hat and be everything to everybody.  Let me help you offload your online marketing efforts.

Take Control of Your Industry in Your Area

Your potential customers are looking for somebody.  Make sure they find you...

  • Search Engine Visibility

    Even local customers are looking online for local product and service providers such as yourself .  As a Local SEO Expert, we can help you turn up at the top of those search results.

  • Online Reviews

    Referrals result in the best customers.  Online reviews mean just as much as personal referrals.  Our process helps you control what potential customers read about you.

  • Customer Engagement

    Stay in the forefront of your current and potential customers’ minds with engaging and responsible communication campaigns.  We make it easy with our custom email delivery platform.

  • Social Media

    Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for catching up with friends.  Let us craft your social presence and meet your customers where they spend their time.

  • Digital Ads

    Your customers spend more time looking at a computer screen or phone.  We’ll migrate your traditional print advertising for targeted, trackable results.

  • Full Exclusivity

    Our clients enjoy knowing that we don’t help the competition.  We will turn away any nearby business who operates in the same industry as a current client.

Don't Hesitate!

Reserve your spot today, before your competition does.

You Are Great at What You Do!

And that's where you should focus your time.  Let us help you acquire and retain customers.

  • Who are Your Best Customers?

    It’s not just about bringing in ANY business; it’s about attracting and keeping your BEST customers.  We can help you identify and attract those people.

  • Put the Phone Down

    Don’t spend countless hours on the horn with people kicking the tires.  An efficient site can help pre-qualify customers, letting you reclaim that time.

  • The Best Offense is a Good Defense

    It’s not just about attracting customers to you.  It’s also about preventing your competition from getting them first. Dominate Google’s rankings today.

  • Let the Business Come to You

    Instead of trying to sell potential customers on what you do, allow interested buyers to seek you out?  That’s what hiring a good Local SEO Expert can do for you.

Time is Money!

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Grow Your Business Locally...
Make a Difference Globally

We are passionate about the success of your business.  Of course, we're passionate about ours as well.  But what really energizes us in the morning, is the work we are doing abroad.

The majority of all Customer Groundswell revenue goes directly to support Legacy of Hope Foundation's work in Honduras.  Please visit our foundation site to learn more about our projects:

  • foster homes
  • crisis care facility
  • family preservation programs

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